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       Bahamas & MV Shearwater                                                           

In March 2009 I was fortunate to join a group of divers for a Jim Abernathy trip, aboard his boat MV Shearwater. Jim is a leading shark specialist who has been running shark trips, mainly to the Bahama Banks, for many years. He has become very familiar with the area and, indeed, with many of the resident tiger sharks. The trips are very much orientated around the needs of the photographer and, as all the crew members are usually also photographers, they have a deep understanding of what is required. Trips at any time of year can be disrupted due to poor weather but Jim will invariably find other photo opportunities. Although the priority is to photograph sharks, don't leave the macro lens behind.

The Gallery consists of images mainly of tiger sharks and lemon sharks, with the occasional Caribbean reef shark, plus a shoal of grunts.

Click here for the full Shearwater Gallery