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In January 2009 I visited the town of Crystal River, Florida where I spent a very enjoyable few days snorkelling with the manatees. These gentle creatures are an endangered species and must not be harassed in any way. I was grateful for the advice given by local photographer and manatee expert Carol Grant and tour operator Birds Underwater. I was fortunate to be able to rent a waterfront apartment (complete with kayaks) which was only a short paddle from Three Sisters Spring (details)

Despite the name, the visibility underwater is not always crystal clear and, in fact, can be very poor - particularly early morning if there have been a lot of manatees cavorting overnight. However, it usually clears fairly quickly and there are plenty of opportunities for the underwater photographer.

There are also plenty of opportunities for above-water nature photographers - the bird life is particularly abundant and otters are regularly seen. Nearby is Homosassa Wildlife Park and I have included a few pictures taken on a short visit there.

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