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Canada 2015                                                        

Vancouver Island can rightly claim to offer the best cold water diving in the world. I was fortunate to visit there in September 2009 and again in 2015. My second visit coincided with unusually poor underwater visibility, caused by a huge increase in plankton, following an extremely hot and dry Summer. This limited the amount of wide angle photography I was able to do but still left me with with plenty of marine life to photograph.

My locations for this trip were: God's Pocket Diving Resort on Hurst Island (one hour by boat north of Port Hardy), Rendezvous Dive Adventures in Barkley Sound, and freshwater sites in the Heber River and the Campbell River (which did not suffer from the plankton problem). In Barkley Sound I was able to witness giant nudibranchs predating on tube-dwelling anemones.


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